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Art Print of the Moa. 

The Giant Moa is an extinct species, endemic to New Zealand. They were flightless and belong to an ancient group of birds that can't fly, including the Kiwi, Australian Cassowary and Emu. 

Once widespread and abundant, Moa were hunted to extinction by early humans to NZ.  Their feathers and skins were made into clothing, while bones were shaped into tools, fish hooks and pendants.

The vintage colouring of this Moa is a made of olive greens and brown.

High quality Giclee Fine Art Print on smooth archival art paper (off white).

Giclee is one of the best reproduction methods available, using acid free papers and the latest archival inks.  Prints have a lifespan over 100 years. 

Print is packed in a clear cello bag with backing board and story about the Moa. 

Framing - available in black or white square edge frame. 


Print Sizing

A4  21cm x 30cm

A3  30cm x 42cm

A2  42cm x 59cm 

A1  59cm x 84cm