Framed art print of the Tuatara, in A0 feature print size, by Hansby Design, New Zealand
Framed art print of the Tuatara, by artist Hansby Design New Zealand
Art print of the New Zealand Tuatara lizard, by Hansby Design

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Art Print of the Endemic Tuatara. 

Tuatara are New Zealand's largest reptiles, growing up to half a metre in length, they're also known as 'Living dinosaurs'.  

Tuatara are the last of the Sphenodontia reptile family who thrived among the dinosaurs 200 million years ago.  Others from their species became extinct 60 million years ago.   

Once widespread in New Zealand, they now live on offshore islands and in sanctuaries, due to predatation from rats. 

Emerging from the depths of the dark charcoal background, in shades of olive green with white highlights. 

High quality Giclee Fine Art Print on smooth archival art paper (off white).  Giclee is one of the best reproduction methods available, using acid free papers and the latest archival inks.  Prints have a lifespan over 100 years. 

Print is packed in a clear cello bag with backing board and story about the Tuatara.  Framing is available in black, white or natural oak frames.

Framed print in photos are A0 (large) and A2 (office)

Print Sizing (unframed)

A4  21cm x 30cm

A3  30cm x 42cm

A2  42cm x 59cm 

A1  59cm x 84cm 

A0 84cm x 119cm