Amy - Twizel, NZ

"I did a refurbishment of my cottage rental over winter 2022, and purchased two gorgeous prints from Cathy of Hansby Design, to be the feature pieces in the living room. I ordered a larger size (A2), which is definitely worthwhile as they look amazing! The quality is excellent and I've had great feedback from my guests, who have really enjoyed these beautiful New Zealand-made artworks.

I also appreciated the great communication from Cathy, prompt shipping, and that a portion of proceeds is donated to Forest and Bird to help protect New Zealand's unique and precious wildlife. I highly recommend Hansby Design and will definitely order again!"

MenardsNZ Ecosanctuary Accomodation

Twizel, New Zealand



Sarah - Wellington, NZ

"We have different tastes when it comes to art, so we had spent a lot of time looking for a perfect piece for our living room.  We were wanting something from a New Zealand artist so we were thrilled to come across Cathy’s art.  

 We saw her Tuatara print and fell in love with the bold design, clean lines and surprising level of detail.  We could tell the design and colours would work perfectly in our space.  When it arrived we were delighted with it, and we were so glad we followed the advice on Cathy’s website to go big.  

 We loved it so much we went back online and ordered another print.  White Heron looks perfect opposite Tuatara in our living space.  Months on we still smile when we see them."




Dylan & Olivier - Auckland

"We discovered Hansby Design on Instagram and their prints instantly caught our attention.  We love all things wildlife and their beautiful bird prints are nicely designed with a modern, abstract edge.  

We love the bright pop of colours and the details that have been meticulously shaped.   We went for the Flamingo and the Spoonbill in life size, and we have been so happy with both pieces.

They fit perfectly in our house (one in our room and one in our living room).  They spice up our interior, we are over the moon!

Cathy was lovely to work with, communication was very easy and she delivered our prints on time with a big friendly smile :-) "



Rebecca - London, UK

"I was searching for a long time to find a picture for the wall in our living room. I wanted something bird or animal themed to fit in with our lampshades.

We fell in love with Kakapos after seeing them on a BBC documentary years ago. We also love New Zealand, and have lots of great memories of our holiday there. When I saw the Kakapo picture on Etsy, we both thought it was great and decided to get the biggest print available.

All of Cathy’s designs are lovely. They are so unique and they’ve got a lot of personality. Our three year old regularly has a chat with the ‘big parrot’ on the wall!"



Cara - Singapore

"I'm a huge bird lover and we are blessed with having hornbills visit us frequently on our balcony here in Singapore. I'm obssessed with them!
I have been looking for 7 years for the perfect hornbill print but couldnt find anything with a modern look. 
The black and white of this design was just stunning and I knew that it would look amazing in large print. We paired it with a chunky black frame and non-reflective glass, and put it up on our stairway - i'm considering placing a tall plant next to it which i think will take it to another level.
Everyone who visits our place is so impressed with our hornbill print and our kids say goodnight to Mr. Hornbill every night before bed - we couldn't be happier with how it has turned out. Love it!"


Jane - South Island, New Zealand  

"I first spotted a print of Cathy’s in a store in Christchurch and although loved the Kakapo felt it wasn’t suited to a Coastal house, so the hunt began!  Cathy's website was found and much to our surprise there was a Hoiho ( Yellow eyed Penguin) .  The Hoiho breeds on the Eastern southern coast of the South Island, just where we were building. 
The chosen wall was too big for just the one print so it gave us the chance to get 2 more prints of birds that share the coastline with the Hoiho, so the Mollymawk/Albatross  and the Spoonbill were chosen.  
We always like to chose art that is relevant to where it will hang.  We loved the clear lines of the birds and the colours are just stunning, we’ve even used them in the decor of the house.  The Hansby Design website is very accurate especially for colours which is a relief when buying online, the framing was very well done and the packaging was excellent. 
I’ve enjoyed my emails with Cathy and the help she has given to me regarding sizes . I was impressed when the Covid 19 printables went online during lockdown, a kind and generous thought while experiencing lockdown.  I look forward to seeing more of Cathy’s birds and we are very proud to have her work on our wall."



Richard - Auckland, NZ

"We had a hard time deciding which artwork to get because they were all so nice! We eventually picked the Fantail as it mirrored our little piwakawaka's personality so well. We absolutely love everything about it - the elegance of the frame, the cool colours, and the sleekness of the shapes.  
We’re very happy to have it up in our baby’s room."



Phill - Auckland NZ

"I first came across the prints by Hansby Design online. 
What caught my eye was the bright block colours and their NZ native bird subjects.  I was about to buy my favourite Kakapo print via the online store but then fate intervened while attending the 2019 General Collective show at the ASB Showgrounds.  Not only did I get to see the prints in person before buying, but managed to meet Cathy who was so accomodating and helpful. 

I ended up getting my print in A1 size via the online store and had excellent communication throughout the ordering process.  Cathy had the print drying soon after ordering and when it arrived, to say I was ecstatic was an understatement.

 The quality of the print is amazing and the vivid colours made a spare room look so much more interesting.  I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another print again knowing that the first was amazing."



Wieberen - Netherlands

“For years, the kingfisher has a special place in the hearts of our family. Its colors, its aerodynamic shape. But most importantly: the way the kingfisher’s head is hinged on its body, which enables him to remain completely still on an overhanging branch above the water when hunting for fish,
even in very windy conditions.  
In that way, to us, the kingfisher is a symbol for focus. It reminds us to stay calm in life, to keep the eye on what’s really important, even when storms are raging around us.  Having said that, it becomes clear that we really wanted to add a print or painting of the kingfisher to our new wall.
But where to look for them?  Well, quite simple: Google.
We entered the search terms ‘kingfisher’ and ‘art’. (Though we live in the Netherlands, where a kingfisher is called ijsvogel – ice bird – we chose to use English words, because we didn’t want to limit our search results.)
We found out that the kingfisher had inspired many artists; a huge amount of pictures and links appeared on our search screen, some good, others not so,
but many of them very much alike.  
But scrolling down, we were suddenly struck by a kingfisher print that really stood out: Cathy’s.  Because of its bright colors, that perfectly fitted in our living room. Because of the expression in its eyes, as if it wanted to say: ,,Pick me!’’ But what we loved – and still love – most about our kingfisher  is that it combines a pleasant simplicity with a sheer amount of details.
So we decided to order. We chose the A1-sized print, because there was quite some space available on the wall and we really wanted our kingfisher to stand out.  And so it does.
A bright, powerful reminder that we must never forget that whatever happens, we will always keep an eye on each other.
Thank you!“