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The Hansby Design art collection began from my home in Auckland, New Zealand. 

I've always been fascinated by wildlife, and the diverse forms and colour of birds.  From their unique and colourful plumage, to their distinctive beaks and vast wing spans.  The variation in nature is a constant source of inspiration. 

As a kid, I loved National Geographic magazines, full of intense colour and exotic wildlife and places, seeking out the beauty in nature. 

Having grown up in New Zealand, with native forest on my back doorstep, I took my environment for granted.  When my kids were young, we spent lots of time at the zoo, and I soon realised there was a lot I didn't know about our local birds and animals.  So I went on a journey of discovery, learning about the native species that exist in New Zealand. 

It's easy to forget we live on islands at the bottom of the world that have been isolated for centuries.   The wildlife here has evolved in some unique ways.  We have a flightless nocturnal parrot, the only alpine parrot in the world and a reptile that existed alongside the dinosaurs.  We also have the smallest penguin.

I wanted to value our local wildlife, to celebrate them and raise awareness.  So I began drawing again, creating art prints in a bold, minimal style to suit our contemporary homes and spaces. 

But not everyone has space for big art, so I created the accessory range, as mini art that could travel.  The gift market was saturated in plastic at the time, so I began making in wood, to reduce the impact and give you a choice.

I value and care about our fragile planet, and create products that are kind to the environment, offering you alternatives to plastic.  Choosing low waste packaging and striving to make locally where possible.  

The collection is available here online, and in home design stores throughout New Zealand.  

Thanks for visiting, I hope you find something you love in the collection, enjoy!





Cathy, the artist at Hansby Design is based in Auckland, New Zealand with her family.  Her prints are feature in magazines and gorgeous homes all over the world. 

With a background in fashion and homeware design, interior styling and visual art, she loves colour, contrast and simple clean lines.  Cathy's style is modern, bold and elegant, capturing personality and character in her images. 

Hansby Design celebrates the distinctive wildlife of New Zealand and Australasia, to share and appreciate the unique creatures in our corner of the world.  Images often feature endangered species, to highlight and remind us how close we are to losing them.  'The changes we make now could have a huge impact on wildlife in the future, I only hope our wildlife can endure for future generations.'  

Every print comes with a short story about the featured image.  The collection also features iconic birds of the world, as many of these are in decline too. 


Giving back 5 percent donation to Forest and Bird New Zealand by artist Hansby Design


Forest & Bird is New Zealand's leading independent conservation organisation and voice for nature.  They work tirelessly to protect our unique species and habitats, on land and in our ocean.  

With each purchase you make on our online store, we will donate 5% of the sale to Forest & Bird, at no cost to you.  It's our little way of giving back, supporting New Zealand wildlife, and protecting what we have.   www.forestandbird.org.nz 

For wholesale enquiries and collaborations please contact… cathy@hansbydesign.com