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Huia bag

Huia bag

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A spacious jute tote bag with the Huia design front and back.

With contrast black panels, the bag has contrasting cotton trim and soft padded handles.  Also available in the Kokako design. 

The inside has a clear PP coating for easy cleaning. 

Size: 36 x 36 x 18 cm.

Featuring Huia birds amongst leaves of the endemic Pigeonwood (Porokaiwhiri) tree. 

Huia are endemic birds of New Zealand.  They're symbolic of nobility and leadership, and of togetherness as they were often seen in breeding pairs. 

Considered a rare treasure by Maori, their tail feathers were highly valued and exchanged among tribes as valuable goods.  In 1901 the Duke of York was gifted a Huia feather to wear in his hat, sparking the demand in Britain for Huia birds and their feathers.  They have since become extinct but are a reminder of New Zealand's unique species and history.

Original print design by Hansby Design, New Zealand



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