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Wall Spot - Kokako

Wall Spot - Kokako

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When you need an alternative to framed art, these giant wall decals are just the thing.  

Easy to apply , re-usable and re-positionable, these are brilliant for small spaces, busy spaces, rentals and offices, and areas where glass isn't an option, like caravans and boats.

Available in 2 sizes, 60cm or 100cm. 

Featuring Kokako birds amongst leaves of the endemic Taraire tree. 

The Kokako bird is endemic to New Zealand, and one of the few species remaining from the ancient wattle bird family.   Once there were only a few breeding pairs left, but the Kokako is making a comeback thanks to intense conservation.   They're native forest birds, and are known for their distinctive song.

In Maori legend, the Kokako filled it's bright blue wattles with water, bringing it to Maui as he fought the sun.  Maui rewarded the Kokako by giving it long, strong legs, enabling it to bound through the forest with ease.    In Maori proverbs, Kokako were regarded as 'fleet of foot'.

Original print design by Hansby Design, New Zealand



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