RPET recycled fabric to make reusable tote bags, by Hansby Design for New World, New Zealand.

New World collaboration

New World reusable bird bags by Hansby Design, New Zealand.

The new generation in supermarket shopping bags.   

We're proud to announce our latest collaboration with New World supermarket, featuring four of our native bird designs.  Each bag is made from RPET fabric, which is made from recycled plastic bottles, utilising plastic waste to create something beautiful.  There are 4 plastic bottles in each bag.  Useful and reusable!

Get yours at New World supermarket stores from August 2019. 

It was so great to be involved with this project, creating eco friendly reusable tote bags for New World supermarkets.  They are the best bags - washable, quick dry, light to carry and super spacious.  Thanks so much to Magenta for making it happen! 

RPET reusable bags by Hansby Design, New Zealand, 4 recycled bottles per bag /></div>
<div style=From plastic to fabric, process of creating recycled bags by Hansby Design, New ZealandThe art prints behind the reusable bags,by artist Hansby Design, New Zealand
New Zealand birdlife, designs by Hansby Design, New Zealand
It only takes one person to make a difference, make the change to reusable bags by Hansby Design for New World 

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