Making the Pelican art print

Making the Pelican art print

Often inspiration comes from experience.  A few years ago, I was lucky enough to be visiting the Gold Coast of Australia. I just happened to be there at the same time as the Pelican feeding in Labrador, a northern beach. 



Being amongst a crowd of Pelicans was a noisy but amazing feeling.  These giant birds were just wandering around, without fear and gulping down big fish in their gaping bills.


These larger than life birds are bold and beautiful, but also adorable and comical.

So graceful in the water, they waddle around awkwardly on land.  When they take to the sky, they glide above the water on impressive wings. 



On returning home, I drew this Pelican image.   


Finding the delicate blush colours for the beak and the perfect colour for the background took some time and lots of test prints.  But I think it was worth it.

Here is the finished Pelican print.  

See the Pelican art print


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