BioCup Art Series

BioCup Art Series


You may have heard of BioCup, the big Australian company paving the way forward, with alternative, compostable, plastic-free takeaway solutions.  

We were selected for their coffee cup Art Series in 2019,with this Hansby Design artwork, raising awareness of the Kereru and Kokako birds of New Zealand. 


About the BioCup Art Series

"BioPak is proud to support and promote the arts community with the BioCup Art Series globally. Our BioCups also serve as a canvas to educate and raise awareness of important conservation initiatives. In our latest partnership and global fundraiser, 18 global change makers share their stories and artwork to support Rainforest Rescue, a not-for-profit protecting the rainforests of this world. Rainforests play a critical role in fighting climate change with 30 percent of the world’s CO2 emissions stored in our rainforests." 



BioCup by Hansby Design, featuring the Kereru and Kokako birds of New Zealand 



So when you need a coffee in a hurry and forget your reusable cup, enjoy your coffee in these beautiful, plant based, compostable BioCups!  

The Hansby Design BioCup alongside other coffee cup designs in the BioCup art series

More from BioPak 

"BioPak products are conceived, designed, and manufactured in alignment with the principles of a circular economy. We utilise rapidly renewable materials, plant-based bioplastics, responsibly sourced paper, to produce the most sustainable foodservice packaging solutions for businesses, who, like us, want to preserve and protect the environment for current and future generations. Our products are certified carbon neutral and, after use, can be either recycled or commercially composted. Our production facilities are certified to meet environmental standards, and we have recently become a certified B-Corporation."


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