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Wall Spot - Albatross

Wall Spot - Albatross

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When you need an alternative to framed art, these giant wall decals are just the thing.  

Easy to apply , re-usable and re-positionable, these are brilliant for small spaces, busy spaces, rentals and offices, and areas where glass isn't an option, like caravans and boats.

Available in 2 sizes, 60cm or 100cm. 

Featuring the Antipodean Albatross seabird.  This majestic seabird is endemic to New Zealand, and one of the most endangered.  They breed on the remote Auckland and Antipodean islands.

Their massive 3m wingspan allows them to glide effortlessly across the ocean from Southern Australia to Chile. They can vary in colour from black and white to brown and white, depending on age. 

Original print design by Hansby Design, New Zealand



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